Backyards Built to Last

Backyard Places are the Best Places

When you think of a backyard you probably think of a place behind a house that has a lawn, flowers, a tree or two and maybe a shed. The garbage cans have their place tucked in a corner and it if is grandma’s backyard a clothes line has been built and is used for hanging wet clothes out in the fresh air to dry.

But there is another type of backyard that has become more popular in inner cities. These are common shared backyards and they don’t have to be in the back of a house. These backyards hold all the things dear that a single-stand-alone-home backyard may offer. Especially gardens. These are places for get-togethers with food and kids and maybe a movie showed on the side of a building too.

Looking at a shared backyard is like looking into a box of trail mix. There is a lot going on and each piece, although different, goes with every other piece. Just like the people who are part of making and enjoying a common back yard.
Because in many inner cities people live in apartments and even tenements, traditional back yards are just pictures n books and magazines. But to the people who have no chance of traditional back yards, common yards are a pleasant alternative to living within the walls of their apartments.

Common back yards have a lot going for them. There is a comrade that develops between neighbors that may not have come to the forefront without something special happening. That something special could just possibly be a common back yard.

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